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Abram & Ponk! Team Up for ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ Remix

Today we have an absolute gem coming out of Boston thanks to Abram and Ponk! Starting his musical journey in 2011 creating tracks in his bedroom, it didn’t take long for Abram to realize how much he loved music – and it wasn’t long before he started to release his music to the world. In 2014 he released his debut album, “Art o Tree”, which gained him a solid buzz and some serious accolades including Breakthrough Artist Net TV the same year.

In October of this year he released, “Don’t Let Me Go”, featuring Lev Freeman further showing off his production skills and songwriting abilities.  It’s no surprise to me that other producers may want to try their hand at the track – leading us to where we are today. It was only a week or so that I found the Ponk! Remix in our inbox – and I’ve been knocking it ever since. Ponk! does his thing and flips the release into a moody and hard-hitting Future Bass bomb.

While the verses rely on keys, some background vocal chops and rim shots, the track quickly builds to the hook where the real fun begins. Bright and rhythmic synths dominate the forefront while booming basses hit you deep down low. While the vocals here are arguably the best part of the track, Ponk! had done an amazing job building around them and making them pop even more. An all around solid collab that I will for sure be keeping in rotation.

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