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Adams & Costello highlight the neglectful numbness society has adapted on "Worry About You"

A world full of unpredictable twists and turns is where folk-rock outfit Adams & Costello lead us down on the crunchy new tune "Worry About You". Containing an impeccable twang of exuberant guitar riffs and a laidback drum groove, the track is further ornamented by Michael Costello's rich and husky vocals. Decadently laced background vocals are accredited to the duo's other half, Julie Adams. The light timbre in Adams voice adds a sweet balance to the rather gritty overall sound of the track. For fans of folk rock and country leaning music, "Worry About You" is a must listen.

In a time where gun violence, homelessness, climate change, and many more issues seem to be regressing rather than progressing, "Worry About You" acts as an earnest hymn. Amidst this, Adams & Costello urge the world to regain a sense of humanity that has so blissfully been neglected by many. The tune is a catchy take on Americana music with a message that is bound to make a permanent imprint. "Worry About You" is a crucial look at society's greatest flaws with Adams & Costello attempting to steer the wheel towards a better world. Take a look at the video, which further highlights the type of numbness and societal issues Adams & Costello remind us are very much rampant.

Currently based in Oregon, Adams & Costello record together regularly, offering a unique blend of visceral songwriting and soulful performing. Both grew up cherishing rock, americana, and blues, and have been musically active since they were in grade school. Ultimately, the creative process of Adams & Costello runs primarily on the mutual love and respect the duo have for each other. Combining Costello's passion for roots music along with Adams' strong draw to driving rhythms, this pair creates a unique sound that comes alive during their performances. Their latest album, One By One is set to be released later this summer.

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