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Agi Releases Vulnerable New Hit “Lonely”

Written during last year’s lockdown, singer-songwriter Agi lets fans see her vulnerable side in her catchy new hit “Lonely”. In the track, she discusses how the thought of being alone for 2-3 days used to terrify her but now, she has experienced sincere growth knowing that even if she’s feeling lonely, she’s never truly alone. While it created distance among many, the bizarre experiences that 2020 also created a strange way of connecting with others. The indie-pop newcomer reached out to LA producer, Christian Fiore (JORDY, Violet Skies, stef), to help bring the song to life as they worked remotely via Zoom. Although the song highlights the difficulties of being isolated from the world; their blend of energetic sonics, distinctive melodies, and a feel-good chanty chorus offers the listener a sense of freedom and glimmering optimism.

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