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Aidan Martin Faces Life’s Trials and Tribulations With “Good Things Take Time”

Life isn’t as simple as taking a left or right turn. Sometimes you find yourself falling down a hole, reaching the peak of a mountain, or crawling in the trenches. But even in the midst of your journey, there’s a need to accept that living isn’t easy and the good things will come in time. British singer-songwriter Aidan Martin channels these facets of life’s pitfalls on his Warner Music debut “Good Things Take Time.”

The tune carries a dark theme, but at the same time showcases a silver-lining. This duality is present through the haunting piano and Martin’s emotional vocal performance. Each verse details disheartening notions of pain and sorrow, while the chorus opens up into a brightness that’s symbolic of feeling clean and healed. There’s a change of tone in the production and Martin’s vocals that allow his message of resilience and patience to resonate. The song pulls from particular dark times in Martin’s life where he indulged in a life of drugs that forced him away from the one thing he loved the most–music. Its soul-bearing nature is an unfiltered glance at the artist’s ability to be honest with himself, as he shares:

“My songs represent a collection of stories from someone who has faced their demons head on and is stronger now for it. My past, though painful, is a beautiful part of who I am. Accepting and relishing in this has been an essential catharsis for me.”

Aidan Martin is a 30-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from New Castle, Northern England. Penning over 500 songs through his journey of self-discovery, he is driven by the desire to write relentlessly honest music, baring his soul unfiltered. The results have proved him right. Gaining over 30M Spotify streams across a handful of independently released songs, top positions such as #4 in the UK Singer-Songwriter chart as well as spots on the UK reality-TV show Love Island and Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Chart in the UK and Ireland, Martin has garnered a growing loyal fan base in the hundred-thousands.

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