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Aime Brings His Best on New EP [VIDEO]

One of my favorite finds as of late has come from Queens born, Philly based MC Aime.  With so many Hip Hop artists today riding a wave and aiming to sound exactly like what is hot in the moment, it is always refreshing to hear new artists still doing their own thing – Aime is a perfect example. 

Riding high off the release of his new EP, “Flowers Started Dying Yesterday”, Aime has delivered impressive visuals to match the banging new project – combining several tracks into a short film that is as energetic as it is cinematic.  While his flow and lyricism is consistent and quality from beginning to end, it is his willingness to take risks and bypass formulas that make Aime one of the most exciting Hip Hop artists I have come across as of late.  

From tracks like, “Started, that switch up in the middle and feel more like two tracks – to incorporating obscure Afro-samples into his productions – all while bringing heavy, hard-hitting, golden era vibes – Aime quickly grabbed my attention with his latest offering and I will be paying even closer attention going forward.  I suggest you do the same. 

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