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Albert Take us to ‘Amsterdam’ [VIDEO]

There is nothing better than music that makes you FEEL.

The second I heard the new single from German duo Albert, I knew I was going to have to share it.  Along with a new video, they have just unleashed, “Amsterdam“, the third single from their debut album, “Heavy Losses“, which dropped on November 20th.

The down-tempo piano ballad is a beautiful display of their songwriting abilities as well as a great first introduction to their sound.  While their last single, “Let Love Go“, had great success of it’s own – seeing nationwide airplay, acclaim from blogs and reaching #13 on the German Campus Airplay Charts – the new single takes thing in a different direction.

About the release they say, “The song is about someone who vainly tries to escape from the shadows of his past by traveling the world. The reason his attempt is in vain, is because he carries his past in himself and so he takes his demons with him to every place he visits.

The delicate jam focuses more on the lyrics and vocal performance than the production.  With no bells and whistles to distract, the tune digs deep and without a doubt leaves its mark.  If you are feeling some type of way… you’ll want to give this one a listen.

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