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Alessia Cara Spices Up New Album with VEVO Live Performances [VIDEO]

While we tend to stick to the underground and up and coming, sometimes we get submissions from heavyweights that we can’t help but share.  Recently Alessia Cara’s camp dropped off some goodies in our inbox that we just couldn’t ignore.

Beyond needing any sort of introduction, Alessia Cara has been a dominant force in the Pop world for some time now.  Most recently she has unleashed her highly-anticipated, 15 track sophomore album, “The Pains of Growing”, and it is an absolute gem.

To help promote the album, the Vevo X artist teamed up with her long time supporters (Vevo), to record 3 stunning live videos for cuts off of the new album – and they are everything you’d want and more.  Beautiful acoustics, top-notch musicians, angelic backup singers and a vintage appeal help to create a powerful and emotional aura around the records.  Most impressively is Alessia’s performance which sits front and center.  With her signature sound and sauce, she brings and impeccable vocal that proves she sounds just as good live (if not better) as she does in the booth.  

Beyond the performance, Alessia Cara has put together an impressive body of work with her latest project.  With what looks to be her best work to date, the new album is chock full of jams – yet also shows clear growth and transformation for the young powerhouse.  While it may have only come out in Q4, I have no doubt this will end up on some best of 2018 lists.  Make sure you check it out.

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