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Alex Adair and Mila Falls come together on “That Thing” a vivid trop-house banger

Alex Adair and Mila Falls collide in a powerful new house banger, “That Thing”. Adair has gained success remixing notable acts such as Ed Sheeran but has become a powerhouse in his own right, amassing more than 200 Million streams and earning multiple top 20 spots on UK charts. Alex honed his craft tucked away in the rural countryside of West Sussex, experimenting with sound design and crafting a distinctive trop-house sound that is both danceable and sonically fascinating. His latest production, “That Thing”, in tandem with Falls’ brilliant vocal performance, has a tangible energy that is sure to ignite dance floors this Summer. 

Mila Falls is a grounding force in “That Thing”; her vocals, both in their pure form and distorted, constitute a vivid focal point of energy which Adair takes and runs with. Bouncy piano strikes make “That Thing” incredibly versatile, a stand alone sound that transports you to Ibiza and back, or if it’s more your taste, your buddy’s basement at a house party. Regardless of where you’re situated, or where the song takes you, “That Thing” gives off a vibe that inspires the listener to cut loose and forget about everything else for a moment. As the track shifts from spells of spacey compression to tightly wound pockets of intricate percussion, Adair achieves what many cannot and is successful due to his immense attention to detail. We’re lucky to have come across what may be the house track of the Summer, and implore you to include “That Thing” on all your pre-club playlists as the scene opens back up in the coming months.

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