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‘All I Need to Know’ [VIDEO]

Indiana Country/Pop artist Jay Putty has been honing his skills as a songwriter, guitarist and performer since the age of 12.  Now at just 21, Jay is ready to bring his music to the masses.

Pulling from a wide range of influences including John Mayer, Keith Urban, Ed Sheehan and Justin Bieber (to name a few), Jay Putty is delivering tunes with a Country feel and a Pop sensibility.

His latest release, “All I Need to Know“, is a feel good jam about being happy with where you are at and what you have.  The perfectly structured and beautifully produced release hears Jay singing, “Everything I want I already got it, anything I don’t… I don’t even want it.”  For me, it is a beautiful message, in a world where everyone is always on a quest for MORE and people always seem to have trouble appreciating what they have.

While the tune itself is straight up Country (this is probably the second Country tune I’ve ever featured on the site), the fresh vocal performance, catchy hooks, memorable melodies and overall dynamics make this work for me.  Like it says on our about page… GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC – regardless of genre or anything else… and what we have here is good music.

There is also an official music video to go along with the release.  Between the performance shots, just like the lyrics the visuals portray a young couple who seem to be totally in love, without a doubt or worry in the world.  Great camera work and some solid editing are all this one needs.  If you like country music, you should keep an eye on Jay Putty.

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