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‘All I Want’ Is More Music From These Two

Something about this track grabbed me from the first few seconds.

Joel Larkin and Tiffany Fred team up for Joel’s debut single, “All I want”, and the collaboration turned out beautifully.

When asked about the collaboration Joel said, “I met Tiffany online on a website that connects producers and singers/songwriters. I sent her the song and within a week she sent the song back and I was blown away.

Musically, ethereal swells fill the background while rhythmic plucks carry the tune through floating beneath Tiffany’s vocals.  The vocals while beautifully done, have a bit of attitude… not the intimidating type… but the type that makes you want to get even closer.

My favorite thing about the production is how minimal it is and how well it fits the vocals.  Supportive and never clashing.  The production as a whole (minus the kick & claps) is swamped in reverb, giving the whole track a dreamy feel.  The “drop” is honestly so refreshing.  After a slight build, you expect it to hit (like everything else now a days), but instead it stays mellow, melodic and emotional.  Unexpected in the best way possible.

We got to ask Joel about how he got started:  “I grew up in a very musical family. My father was an avid musician. He taught me how to play the drums, guitar, and bass at a very early age. At the age of 11 I had enough money saved up to buy a keyboard. My father did not know who to play the piano so at an early age I taught myself how to play and eventually got into producing music later on in my teen years.

With a music video for this track in the works (looking at a release towards the end of August) and I’m sure much more music coming from the both of them… make sure you keep it locked.

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