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All The Rest Deliver with ‘First Class Lover’

For whatever reason, it’s not too often we get submissions from Georgia, but I guess it is about time.

We were recently delivered an absolute gem from 4-piece Alt Rock group All The Rest in the form of their latest single, “First Class Lover“.  The upbeat jam is the perfect blend of uplifting melodies, angst and musicianship.  Opening the tune is a percolating synth line that is quickly joined by pumping drums and heavy rhythmic guitar.  The verses rely more on bass and some beautiful lead melodies, while the hook picks with some more synth work, guitars and a huge anthemic vocal performance.

Via their Facebook page – this about sums them up perfectly, “All The Rest makes honest music for a disoriented and systematic generation. Inspired by the Post-Punk era, this Alternative Rock band carries a rebellious voice – an unexpected expression from the sleepy Deep South.

This tune is both catchy and dynamic and personally I’ve had it in heavy rotation.  A total mood booster and an all around jam.

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