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Ally Nicholas Hits the Bullseye with New Single “Bullets”

Hailing from Chicago, now based in LA, stand-out newcomer Ally Nicholas has been able to rack up some impressive numbers in her short time as an artist. Having launched only last year while only recently releasing her third single, her dark and gritty vibe and impeccable vocals have been garnering some major attention in the indie scene.

Having grown up attending ridged catholic schools, Ally Nicholas always seemed to stand out from her peers like, “A fly in milk“. Finding early influence from artists like Slipknot, Korn, Nirvana, and My Chemical Romance, her innate darkness was easy to spot as she grew up and has since helped her to develop a unique, hypnotic and angsty sound all her own. Her latest offering, “Bullets“, is a hard-hitting yet emotive tune that brings high highs and low lows as Ally delivers a captivating performance from the very first note.

An intimate look into the struggle of dealing with mental illness while being in a relationship, Ally digs deep to give listeners insight into some of her own issues and insecurities while still touching on universal themes that we can all relate to in one way or another. On, “Bullets“, you can hear an authenticity that can only come from real emotion, with each note from Ally feeling like a war-cry for understanding; the pain is evident and the pressure can be felt in each word she sings so perfectly.

Ally Nicholas is able to capture the nostalgia of 90s/00s Alt-Rock, able to bring listeners back while also helping to drive the genre forward with her soaring vocals helping to bring the sound to new heights. While Ally Nicholas may just be getting started, I can guarantee she has a whole lot more she has to say and a whole slew of songs in the stash. Make sure you hop on early with this one – add this joint to your emo playlists and get to crying/screaming/dancing/breaking down.

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