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Alt Bloom Delights with New Love Driven Single- ‘Get Back’ [VIDEO]

A song inspired by the ever confusing make up/break up, makeup/break up style of today’s relationships, new single ‘Get Back’ by LA based singer song-writer Ethan Thompson touches upon those conflicting feelings we all feel when we are forced to break up with someone we still have a strong affinity toward. We all have a “friend” we can relate to in this instance. Ethan, along with good friend and collaborator Brian Phillips (producer/engineer) deliver music to our ears with this alt-R&B/pop jam.

With the new single, ALT BLOOM offers us an opportunity to dive deeply into an introspective state, where we can let our instincts take over and simply enjoy the moment we are in. The thoughtful lyrics we hear on this track serve to bolster this point. In the story that is unfolding upon our ears, we hear a young man throwing inhibition to the wind and going for one more “make up” with his significant other. Thompson is prepared to take an off-trail trek with the next chapter of the love story, much the way he had in his self proclaimed “all-time most treasured journey” up Mount Siyeh in Montana. The journey serves as a great template for how he attacked the creation of this newest single. Fearlessly trekking, forward, into the unknown and finding new ways to reach the top of the mountain can be compared to the risks of opening yourself up to the introspection of self-discovery that led to such soul bearing lyrics. Ultimately, bearing it all lends itself to the warmth of this heavily textured song and it’s parallel to that “purposeful escapeThompson eludes to, in his hike.

In order to find the truth in this newest release, ALT BLOOM, an endeavor which represents a life spent soul-searching for multi-instrumentalist artist, Ethan Thompson, pulled from quite an eclectic group of artists who have influenced him over his lifetime and career. Artists such as Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Mac Miller, have all had their share of influence on the young Thompson and serve to round out, both his subtle sound and profound lyricism. Although, he has drawn from such talented idols in the industry, it’s evident that Ethan doesn’t take himself TOO seriously! Often, we can find his deep stories packaged with tongue-in – cheek type word play that brings a humor to many of his tracks.

“You’re just scrambling and scrambling, and at some point it seems impossible that you’ll ever get to the top. And then once you finally make it there’s such a feeling of serenity, and it gives you a bird’s-eye view of all these things that usually weigh so heavily on your mind. Everything else falls away, and all that matters is that feeling of connection with this beautiful unknown that’s so much bigger than you.”Ethan Thompson

This quote can serve to remind us all of obstacles in our own life, on a daily basis… but even more so, it’s a mirror-like reflection of the journey to create ‘Get Back’ the newest track by ALT BLOOM.

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