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Much of life is a rollercoaster journey of feelings, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and everything in-between. With their full-length debut album release, The Future of An End, Melbourne based WOODLOCK, delivers a full ride on the aforementioned coaster of life. An album whose content was written with complexity and deep feeling, offers an insight into the psyche of founding member Zech Walters, while he deals with an emotional breakdown. While clearly an emotional time for the Australian alt/folk trio, the members used their experience to craft a well-written, and beautifully crafted piece of artwork with The Future of An End. While Zech (guitar/vocals) was dealing with the loss of love, his brother Eze (guitar/vocals) was finding himself falling into it whole-heartedly and getting engaged, with drummer Bowen Purcell along for the ride, hands raised high for the steep drops.

Throughout the album, WOODLOCK delivers a mix of fun electric-synth and some very melancholy acoustic folk melodies, rooted with steady rock beats. The vocal performances are stellar, rounded out by deep lyrics to make your brain swoon while your body rocks. Sort of defying the norm, the two very different styles of music that are delivered on The Future of An End, work harmoniously, treating the listener to an experience that is both fun AND fulfilling and really comes together, organically with grace.

WOODLOCK, gained traction and popularity through busking in many major cities and towns, throughout Australia. Though born in New Zealand, the Walters brothers moved to Purcell’s homeland of Australia, forming their trio and coalescing in many private sessions, to begin writing and rehearsing, for their busk tour. “They captivated crowds with their ‘energetic’ and ‘creative’ performances,“ eventually creating three EP’s and debuting their first full-length release The Future of An End, through Nettwerk Records.

Since they began creating music in 2011, the trio, WOODLOCK have been putting out great music and I hope to hear more from down-under, very soon!

Listen to more music from WOODLOCK, here:

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