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Alt-Rock Artist Lakookala Releases New Hit “Lonely Summer”

Before new seasons set-in, alt-pop artist Lakookala prepares to release her upcoming single “Lonely Summer” on all streaming platforms. Brilliantly encapsulating the collective depression felt during the summer of 2020, “Lonely Summer” proves incredibly relatable as she shares a vulnerable glimpse into her quarantine experience. Paired with a minimalist visual, Nicole “Lakookala” Ranalli goes through the motions to demonstrate last years’ introspective journey during COVID. The self-produced hit offers an ethereal backdrop to intentional glitches which serve as gaps between memories inside of her home last year. Smoking and staring into her computer screen, the feelings of 2020 become all too real as we witness Nicole’s inspiration to create art grow from her real life experiences over perfectly synced psychedelic aesthetics.

Blending post-punk inspired bass, infectious vocals, sparse synths and downtempo back-beats, Lakookala embodies an elevated alternative & post-punk style that is modern and bright, angry and heavy, youthful yet soulful. During live shows, she leads her band as both a drummer and vocalist. Also a talented audio engineer, Lakookala has her name behind some of today’s most iconic albums including John Legend’s “Bigger Love”. The multi-talented artist presents a unique and personalized style to the Lakookala project and “Lonely Summer” definitely does not disappoint. Her introspective storytelling delivers a raw, emotional vibe that we’ve needed after an objectively difficult year. She hopes “Lonely Summer” inspires others to share their 2020 experience because while it’s fun to escape, it’s also necessary to relate.

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