• Nicholas Zallo

Alt Rock Band Ink to Spill Ends 2020 on a Reflective Note With the Revival of “Lenny”

Alternative rock band Ink to Spill has had an impressive year of momentum with hits like “Where Went Jose?!”, “Raging Hormones” and their self-titled track “Ink to Spill”. The band has received praises from Grit Daily, The Hype Magazine, Medium Magazine, Thrive Global, Tattoo Magazine and many more. Pre-covid, the band recorded all of their music remotely with band members from coast to coast to coast. Primed for the current climate, they continued to produce prolific hits suited for the social and political turbulence. Their conceptual tracks strongly resonate with their dedicated fan base as they challenge tough topics like immigration and freedom of the press. In an effort to end the year on a reflective note, they revive their beloved hit “Lenny” to talk about the impact of our decisions.

Ink to Spill’s storytelling pairs brilliantly with “Lenny’s” country influence. In the music video, a couple of transient farm hands make their way through the Salinas Valley, taking work and shelter where they can find it. The protagonist, Lenny, is portrayed as strong but child-like as we witness a chain of events that lead to serious decision making and a devastating result. Driving home the message that we as human beings have to live with our choices, Ink to Spill paints a relatable portrait of grappling with tough decisions and how each one dictates our future options. Taking direct inspiration from John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, the Alt-rock meets Americana single offers an appropriately reflective end to a year not entirely different from the chaos that occurred during the great depression era.

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