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Alt Rock Outfit Kuwalla’s New Release “Just Fine” Couldn’t Be More Perfect For This Very Moment

Let’s not be shy about it; our world is a hot mess right now. And rising alt rock band Kuwalla has captured our hearts with the release of their timely new single, “Just Fine.” Inspired by a difficult time in life, the new single poses the question, “I’m at the end of my rope, is it all in my head or am I better off dead?” Empathizing with the notion that life can sometimes feel like it’s personally picking on you, Kuwalla presents a song that encourages listeners to push forward even during the hardest times. A heavy topic paired with upbeat instrumentation drives their encouraging message in a way that reassures listeners that while sometimes it might feel like it, they’re not alone.

The song was written when band member Kyle Sain was raising his first child with his girlfriend; the three of them were homeless, couch hopping, and living in the car they used to drive him back and forth from the Inland Empire to Orange County for work. “I wanted this song to be kind of anthemic. I want people to feel like this song is a hand on their back reassuring them through the hard times.” says Kyle.

As difficult as the scenario was, their family got through it because of each other. Now more than ever, we need a reminder of how important it is to offer support and come together during the hardest times. Tough times shouldn’t rip us apart, they should bring us together.

Instrumentally, the band offers catchy guitar riffs and lighthearted vocal melodies that are perfect for the transition to our Summertime playlists. Starting in 2018, the LA-based band began playing shows up and down the west coast to test out their new-found beloved sound in front of LIVE audiences. Show history includes House of Blues, The Roxy, Resident LA and many more. Comprised of four versatile musicians, (Kyle Sain – Lead Vocals & Guitar // Brian Huynh – Lead Guitar & Vocals // Marty Griffin – Drums // Danny Leserman – Bass & Keyboard), the band grabs their musical influences from what they listened to growing up. From Indie Alternative to Hard Rock to Blues, they hope to take the music of their environment, modernize it, and share it with the world for years to come.

Be sure to follow Kuwalla on Instagram and Facebook today.

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