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Alternative R&B Artist Foxfrd Animates Stunning New Visual for His Single “Oni”

Not only has he introduced a refreshing new take on alternative R&B, but independent artist Foxfrd also taps into his talents as a video game animator in the release of his upcoming hit “Oni”. An emotional story based on true events, “Oni” was inspired by his past love’s perspective on a situation that was vastly misunderstood. After making an attempt to revisit his old connection, Foxfrd realized that his past love views him as an unforgivable demon, sparking the drive to name his newest hit “Oni”, which in Japanese folklore, represents a demonic-like creature. In the video for “Oni”, we observe what Foxfrd imagines what an Oni’s environment might look like – vast and lush but lonely. Foxfrd’s beloved character explores the animated territory while reflecting on his turbulent past. Hoping for better days ahead, we witness *spoiler alert* his animated alias awakens from his dream to arrive in a tropical paradise, representing the brightness of the future that lies ahead.

Stream “Oni” HERE.

The retrospective track brings up difficult memories for the young artist. After his mother passed suddenly in 2013, Foxfrd left his only romantic connection at the time as well as his relationship with music, in order to distance himself from anything that reminded him of that time in his life. Now, he channels his experience into his art by sharing his story both lyrically and visually with fans all over the world. Now Los Angeles-based, Foxfrd got his musical chops during the time he spent in Memphis, TN. Having been a lead animator in the video game industry for many years, he brings a unique approach to storytelling through visual art and it’s no mystery that “Oni” pairs perfectly with the impressive visual landscape that he’s created. Having worked for notable gaming studio The Game Band, where he helped create the Apple award-winning game Where Cards Fall, Foxfrd’s experience has received impressive endorsements and we’re thrilled to witness his visions as they continue to come to life.

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