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Amey St. Cyr Lifts Our Spirits With Upcoming Release ‘Life’s Too Short’

It’s not often we come across an artist that has undeniably stood the test of time, yet our latest new musical crush, Amey St. Cyr is doing exactly that. With her upcoming single set to lift all our spirits this month, Amey is further proving just why she’s the fresh voice of positivity this year. Having been in the game since the mid-nineties, Amey is no newbie to the music scene. However, life did its’ usual thing and intervened, meaning Amey was left in a space where creation and expanding her musical repertoire was impossible. Until now. Whatever led to her recent revival, we couldn’t be more grateful. With a sound rooted in positivity and unwavering optimism, Amey St. Cyr has burst back onto the scene when we need her most. Utilising every inch of her wide-ranging experience, including appearances in music videos from Krept & Konan and Big Narstie, Amey St. Cyr is providing some much needed oomph to this year.

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‘Life’s Too Short’ is Amey St. Cyr’s bold burst back onto the scene. Boasting vocals of top-notch talent, this track is rooted firmly planted in the rising star’s infectious alacrity. The firm foundations of the song lies in its heartfelt message exalting the power of love, faith in the human race and the irrefutable influence of looking out for on a another – and, oh boy, she does it with style. Amey describes the sentiment swimming throughout the song is “it’s not over ‘till everything is okay, and if everything is not okay, it’s not over”. If there’s one thing we all need reminding of at present, that is exactly it. The song is sculpted with a soundscape rooted in the eighties swing with striking synths and slapping drum lines, all with Amey’s powerful vocal performance prevailing through.

Amey St. Cyr oozes a confidence and self-awareness from each fingertip that many artists can only dream of; she really can only be described as herself. Amey St. Cyr is evidently a woman on a mission; to lift all our spirits during this draining month, and with the release of ‘Life’s Too Short’ on the 16th of November, it’s no doubt she’ll be doing just that.

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