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The Satellite Station is back again, with another great song, that will surely lift fans spirits. Ohio native, Travis Rue, has returned with his solo project, yet again to deliver us another tune filled with pop driven, indie/folk emotion invoking, goodness. The talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that is Rue, dons The Satellites Station name in order to deliver haunting folk melodies and deeply emotional and personal lyrics that chronicle the human experience, in Bloom.

In his latest single, Bloom, The Satellite Station has found his reason for existence. Throughout the songs thoughtfully written lyrics, the idea that opposites attract is reinforced often, but the theme is clearly that without one, the other would cease to be. Filled with wonderful symbolism and metaphors, Travis' lyrics such as, "Cause you were the color of a sunny day and I was the gray of the clouds before it rains" and "oh I was a dying fire til' you became my oxygen" really convey the emotion and love that he poured into this song, for its recipient. An unrelenting finger-picked style guitar riff makes quick work of bringing a smile to your face even before the lyrics kick in, and a bolstered strum and piano melody hold it there throughout the song. By the time the chorus kicks in and lands the hook "oh my my, oh hey hey, all I need is you... cause you're the reason why I bloom," you already know why you are here and feel the emotion pouring from this song.

The Satellite Station may be dripping with Indie/Folk talent, but the artist blurs boundaries of genres and his songs can be enjoyed by many people with many different favorite genres. When it comes right down to it, good music is good music, and that is what The Satellite Station delivers!

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