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An Ode To the Basic Bitch

This song is catchy af.

Kim Petras’ latest release, “I Don’t Want It At All“, is like an ode to the stuck up, entitled brats of the world – yet it somehow makes me resent them less.  Coming in hot with the hook, Kim sings, “I want all my clothes designer.  I want someone else to buy em.  If I can not get it right now, I don’t want it at all.”  Fuck that right?

Let’s be clear here… if Kim was to speak those words in front of me, I would without a doubt want nothing to do with her… but here’s the thing… the way she sings it makes me want to whip out the capital one, take her on a shopping spree, and then use the miles I accumulate to take her somewhere tropical.

The production is groovy and funky with a rolling bassline, sharp synth stabs and oscillating pads filling the background.  Vocally, the track is fun, playful and so on point.  Kim Petras got me out here walking around the NYC subway system with resting bitch face and a real attitude problem.

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