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AnastasiaMAX Are Back with ‘Dirty’ [VIDEO]

Ok.  So… I’m still super impressed by AnastasiaMAX.  It was only a couple of months ago that we shared their debut video for, “All Went Black“, and now they are back once again with a brand new jam and visual for, “Dirty”.

The Boca Raton based brother/sister duo, who are just 18 and 14 respectively are delivering incredibly heavy, well produced and dynamic Alt Rock to the Miami scene.  Beyond their writing, which far exceeds their years, their musical ability and captivating performances are quickly making them artists to watch.

On, “Dirty”, the duo switched things up a bit, with both parties delivering on vocals.  The play between the two vocals and the way the harmonies are crafted, makes it easy to hear that these two have probably been singing together for their whole lives.    Behind the lyrics, the song describes the terrible experiences we all encounter with guilt and self loathing, detailing the moments we simultaneously hate ourself and our lover.

Very much like their debut, the official video is totally bad ass.  With the young group performing in a prison, they bring the perfect amount of attitude to compliment the track.  I am not sure who AnastasiaMAX have behind them, but one thing is for sure – the songs, production, writing, mixing, instrumentation and arrangements are all masterfully crafted.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on AnastasiaMAX.

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