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Andrew Austin Drops New Album ‘Starts and Fits’

Hailing from Toronto, Indie Pop artist Andrew Austin first turned heads in 2013 with the release of his debut, “While It’s Still Light Out”.  Having been a musician and a singer/songwriter for years, Andrew has spent just as much time behind the scenes creating for other artists as he has in the spotlight himself.

Over the last couple of years, Andrew Austin has been relatively quiet on the release front.  While most of his time was consumed by his work as musical director on the Disney/Family Channel show Backstage, it seems he has been hard at work, developing his sound and preparing for the next chapter of his solo career – lucky for us, the time is now.

On Feb. 15th, Andrew Austin released his latest album, “Starts and Fits”, and it is proving to be his most mature and provoking collection yet.  The lead single, “Make My Head Go”, is an outright anthem that will without a doubt appeal to the masses.  From touching verses to huge hooks, the single sets the mood for the album and is the perfect introduction to his latest body of work.  Thick vocals stacks, funky guitar rhythms and playful embellishments pepper the track, keeping the listener on their toes and leaving them wanting more.

While his new album has no lack of his signature special sauce, it was a change to the process that Andrew Austin credits for the projects depth.  About the album he says, “Coming out of two years of [Backstage], I was suddenly faced with the challenge of writing for myself again.  One thing I knew was that I didn’t want to play guitar at that moment, I just wanted to go into a room with a piano or a synthesizer and make sounds that way. That became the foundation for this record, trying to step away from doing things like I’d always done them with a traditional singer/songwriter mindset.

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