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22 year old, UK based artist, Andrew Cushin has already garnered support and admiration from some of the biggest names in the game. One such name is Noel Gallagher, who has recently produced and collaborated with the young artist on a previous single called Where's My Family Gone in addition to becoming quite the fan, he has also added the youngster to billing on shows with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and The Sherlocks.

Runaway is the closing track on Andrew Cushin's new EP, a landmark accomplishment in his career. The artist made a decision to leave some space on the EP for one special song that he would write and whatever came out was going to live in the space, forever. This process was inspired by none other than Noel Gallagher himself, from the process he used writing Supersonic. On Runaway, Cushin says, “With Runaway I wanted to challenge myself, I became influenced by the story of Noel Gallagher writing supersonic.. Oasis needed a single and he wrote one in 10 minutes. I purposely left a space free on the EP and said to myself what ever song I write today, that’s what we’re using. The song was Runaway, it’s great!”

The result of Cushin's labors was a gorgeous and haunting ballad, Runaway. The subject matter of the single is one that is sadly widespread across the UK, currently. Many people are feeling disconnected and stuck, looping through time on a seemingly never-ending ride. Runaway deals with these existential issues by combining beautiful and sorrowful acoustic guitar riffs with a soft and somber piano melody. With relatable lyrics and a powerful vocal delivery rounded out by intense emotion throughout, Runaway offers an outlet of these feelings for listeners who can relate, while sitting in the pub and singing along at top volume.

An accompanying music video was also created for the final single on Cushin's EP, called You Don't Belong. The music video for Runaway was filmed on an isolated beach called Tynemouth Beach, near New Castle. In the video, Andrew Cushin gives a passionate performance, delivering emotion and embodying the lyrics of his song, in every frame. Directed by Andy Willsher, the videography and content of the video perfectly capture the songs poignant feel.

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