• Nicholas Zallo

Anna Lunoe is on Fire with ‘Blaze of Glory’ [VIDEO]

New mom and all around bad ass Anna Lunoe is coming out of the gate hard in 2018.  What serves as her first release since giving birth, “Blaze of Glory”, shows a new side of the Electronic worlds leading lady.

When she is not changing the game as the first headlining female at EDC, curating stages at HolyShip! and WMC, hosting her show on Beats1 and tearing down stages at Splash House, Coachella, Hard Festival and more, Anna Lunoe is in the studio crafting bomb releases to drop in her sets around the world.  

The energetic release brings an undeniably playful vibe only accentuated further by the fresh official video.  Via an all girl cast and colorful palette, the one take video is a continuous shot of the ladies living their best life.  Perfectly matching the tune, the video kicks things up a notch and adds the perfect visual accompaniment to the enchanting/banging release.

This is a JAM.

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