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Arctic Wave Delivers Sultry New Hit: "Jade"

Arctic Wave's latest release, "Jade," is an intoxicating addition to their ever-expanding repertoire, arriving hot on the heels of their previous hit, "Air to Breathe." This new single, crafted by the band's founder and chief songwriter, C.L. Turner, is an evocative exploration of beauty, primal spirit, and deep human connections. "Jade" stands out with its raw, unfiltered melodies and the band's signature smooth vocals, creating a soundscape that is both sensuous and deeply emotive.

The song is a celebration of physical attraction within the bounds of a committed relationship, underscored by a heartbeat-like rhythm that pulses through the track, making it a standout in Arctic Wave's diverse catalog. The band’s ability to translate personal adversity into compelling music is evident, with "Jade" offering listeners a profound, almost tactile experience of emotional and physical intimacy.

Arctic Wave's journey has been one marked by significant personal challenges. The band's inception was a direct response to founder Turner's own tribulations, including the loss of loved ones and career setbacks. These experiences birthed their first poignant track, "Two Houses," setting the stage for Turner's prolific songwriting career, which now boasts over 75 original compositions.

Turner's collaboration with renowned producer Will Hensley and a talented ensemble of musicians has culminated in the creation of their album "Heart and Soul." This album not only showcases their commercial appeal but also resonates deeply on an emotional level, encapsulating the complex beauty of the human experience. "Jade" is a testament to Arctic Wave's ability to weave personal struggles into their music, offering a powerful and immersive auditory journey.

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