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Arden Jones Releases Sophomore Single ‘rollercoaster’

Hailing from Marin County, just north of The Golden Gate Bridge, Arden Jones was born to a family of musicians. The young artist went to school for film, but by the end of his freshman year, he was well aware that all he wanted to do with his life was write music. Having taught himself multiple instruments, and growing up exposed to rock, jazz, and blues, Arden found himself most inspired by rappers. Following the inspiration of rappers from 50 Cent and Tupac to J.Cole, Chance, Russ, XXXTentacion and Mac Miller, Jones who began writing songs in high school and recording music in his bedroom, instead of doing homework, had begun his career. Arden Jones started releasing songs on Soundcloud but eventually found himself on all platforms. After releasing his first single “Parallel Parking” in January of 2021, Arden‘s career was kickstarted. The song amassed millions of streams on Spotify and other platforms as well as going viral on TikTok. Following the success of his first release, Jones knew it was time to drop out of college, move to LA, and focus on his career in music. Now, with the clout of VNCLM_ /Atlantic Records behind him, Arden Jones has released his newest single “rollercoaster”.

rollercoaster” is a fun, rap style, pop JAM. A unique vocal style with smart and edgy lyrics gives Arden a sound unlike any other, but familiar to the artists that inspire him. His youth and vibrancy shine through the tune with ease, and his talent is undeniable. It’s easy to see why the young musician has landed a record deal and that we will be listening to fun summer-jams from him for quite some time, to come. The bass line of “rollercoaster” is sure to make your head bop, while the playful lyrics, telling the story of a love interest who is giving young Arden a run for his money, will have you throwing your hands in the air and moving your feet to the beat.

The 20 year old phenom artist is the flagship for any young person who refuses to take the path that leads them to an empty unfulfilled life. Arden shows why it is important to follow your dreams and never settle for the road most travelled.

Listen to more music from Arden Jones, here:

Arden Jone’s break out single “Parallel Parking”:

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