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Argonaut & Wasp Turn Up the Heat with ‘Monacillo’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, funky fresh electronic duo Argonaut & Wasp have been turning heads since hey first came into the scene in 2017.  “Obsessed with 70’s fashion, 80’s synths and 90’s culture,” Shaggy Daddy and Cool Nat have curated a sound that crosses borders and transcends time – creating timeless tunes that appeal to the masses.  

Recently the duo has unleashed a summer scorcher titled, “Monacillo”, and it has been one of my go to morning mood boosters ever since it’s release.  From the onset, the funk is hard to deny as plucked basslines mix with chill keys, vibrant guitar leads, and driving percussion beneath playful falsetto vocals.  The perfectly dynamic tune brings an anthemic feel thanks to an ear worm hook, ensuring listeners are hit whit those classic sing along vibes.  From beginning to end, the new single keeps fans hooked as it transforms from beginning to end – never letting up and pushing hard into the songs close.

While the production and overall feel may be totally retro, the production techniques and song structure help to make the tune perfect for today’s consumers.  Driving, fun and totally danceable – this is without a doubt a tune that I will be rocking for sometime.  Make sure you do the same. 

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