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Attack the Sound Release New Single “People Make Love”

Introducing a new flavor to their musical versatility, popular Chicago band Attack the Sound celebrate their successes in their sultry new hit “People Make Love”. “People Make Love” offers a sexy, slowed down delivery by lead singer Davo Sounds who, in the video, plays the role of a controversial Hugh Hefner type. Surrounded by beautiful women, Davo and other band members dance the night away to encourage listeners to show their appreciation for life by doing one of our most primal deeds – making love. Directed by a woman-led team, the video’s creativity is well displayed amidst funky interior and a classic aesthetic. Instrumentally, the band taps into a nostalgic R&B vibe underneath Davo’s dynamic vocal stylings – a winning combination as the alternative eight-piece band displays the unique synergy that Chicago has grown to know and love.

“Now time runs, From night to day / Girl come with me, So I can hold you close / And then all you’ll hear, From ear to ear, Is whispers / Sweet whispers in the dark”

Overdue to celebrate their successes, Attack the Sound’s new hit releases off of the heels of notable performance opportunities on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE, WGN TV as well as opening for popular rapper Taylor Bennett. Fusing jazzy Hip Hop combos with rock and gospel influences, Attack the Sound has created a genre all on its own, delivering wide appeal to the increasing demand for new and unique sounds. Their organic energy, passion and robust sound is a breath of fresh air, not only for Chicago music but for fans across the globe who crave the synergy of a full band in a world flooded with electronic dance music. “People Make Love” taps into a primal yet lighthearted energy that shows off a different side of Attack the Sounds’ personality, displaying their multi-dimensionality, versatility and willingness to be vulnerable for the love of the music.

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