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Au Gres Tackles Mental Health Issues With Heartfelt Indie/Pop Release- Alone in the Dark

Self described as “a little bit of lo-fi and a little bit of Pop,” Au Gres isn’t kidding around. The latest single from the artist is simple but well thought out and beautifully written from the heart. Minimalism is the approach, musically, but lyrically, Au Gres is tackling some heavy issues with this release. In a time where many people are struggling with their own mental health and to keep their heads up, beaten by the state of the world, Au Gres offers a glimpse of hope in humanity. “At Home In The Dark is a song about sitting with someone through their mental health episodes. It was written for my girlfriend, who has diagnosed depression, as a reminder that she will always have someone to sit with her through her episodes.Honestly, in 2021, within the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic, what can we ask for, while we struggle with the difficulties of every day life and other more burdening internal battles, than to have a loved one make the choice to be present, during this time of great need?!

A themed Indie/Pop slow burner, Alone in the Dark, has energy to carry you through and a transcendent sound to help navigate the turbulent waters of the human physique. Catchy synth piano hooks and a calming vocal tone help to set the soul at ease and excite the imagination, simultaneously. Not only, is Au Gres saying something important here, but it’s being said with grace and melody. There is a lot of benefit to listening to this song. Not only to realize that if you are struggling, you are not alone, but because it is easy on the ears, as well.

If you are struggling, PLEASE, reach out!

Listen to more from Au Gres, here:

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