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AUS Based Gamirez Shares ‘U KNXW’

One of my favorite markets for up and coming talent is without a doubt AUS. Time and time again I stumble upon new vibes from the land down under – from indie rock acts like CREO and Sophisticated Dingo, to Pop acts like Austen and E^ST, to Hip Hop acts like Manu Crooks and Kwasi & HFNR. While I look forward to one day making the trip across the world, for now I at least have their music to keep me inspired.

Adding to the countries musical allure is Hip Hop artist Gamirez. Quickly setting himself up to be an artist to watch, Gamirez is looking to take 2018 by storm, starting with his latest release, “U KNXW”. His latest offering is a vibey R&B inspired tune that relies on Afro Pop rhythms and catchy hooks to deliver a smooth and chilled out tune.

Getting the listener hooked with repetitive top lines, his flow hits even harder when it comes in, breaking up the melodies with some solid bars and a fresh cadence. The production relies on simplistic keys and lots of percussion – leaving the legwork up to the vocals.

This one may not be for the old heads, but the new wave vibe is well executed and hard to deny. This is a vibe.

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