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Austen is Coming Like a ‘Storm’

Here’s yet another reason why I need to make it down to AUS.  For me the land down under is in the top 3 markets for music right now, and Austen is just another example of why I say that.

Soaring from the first note on a moody, Electronic production, Austen’s new tune, “Storm“, is nothing short of a jam.  From the tone to the delivery, attitude and melodies, I absolutely love everything she is bringing.   Far from your usual Top 40 pop ish, Austen brings a dark and emotional vibe on the new tune.  Perfectly timed harmonies and chant like choruses and background vocals add just the right amount of support to the lead.

Production wise it is concise, interesting and elaborate.  Allowing the vocals to shine yet ramping things up when the time is right.  Ripping bass lines couple with ambient textures and bright melodies.

While I generally like to get a bit of information along with a submission, the mystery here leaves me wanting to know more.  All I know about Austen in this case is this song is she’s from AUS, this song is my fucking jam and I will be eagerly waiting for her next release.

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