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They say love causes pain, but it can also be a saving grace. For Austin Harms, he found it while enduring the loss of his father. Sorting through his struggles with depression and anxiety, Harms examines the world of love and relative pain throughout his EP ‘BLOOD.’

‘BLOOD’ is full of exceptional lyricism, storytelling, and production to chronicle his journey out of despair. Starting with the haunting track “MOON,” Harms uses the relationship between the moon and the tides to create an emotional metaphor that echoes lulls of heavy imagery with production that mimics the pushing and pulling of water. Moving swiftly into “ALL I KNOW/OUT OF MY MIND,” the down-tempo tune radiates simplicity as much as it does chaos. The smooth production switches to a hard beat and heavy grooves that bends into a hip-hop/R&B tune.

The next tune “SUMMERTIME,” echoes aspects of loneliness, emptiness, and spite. With heart breaking lyrics like “I was by my father’s side with my mother and my sisters and we felt his body cold,” this pinnacle of Harms’ loss can be reflected in the tumultuous chorus. The final and title track “BLOOD” is a poignant last effort to grasp reality and feel emotion for the sake of survival.

Touching on serious moments of distress and sorrow, ‘BLOOD’ is a heart-wrenching EP that grapples with tragic loss and unexplainable pain. Austin Harms pours an enormous amount of humanistic experiences and honest lyrics into a work that is so painful, but equally comforting.

Austin Harms is a Los Angeles-based artist from the small town of Visalia, CA. Drawing influence from artists such as Bon Iver, J. Cole, and Frank Ocean, he creates music that blends the realms of left-of-center pop/electronic production with lyrics and grooves typically associated with hip-hop & R&B.

Find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

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