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Ava August Makes it Hard to "Move On" After Just One Listen

While this tune has been out for a few months now - with every listen - it only makes it hit harder. A timeless tune that serves as a stunning addition to her solo catalog and yet another reminder of her undeniable talent, Ava August's, "Move On," is a powerful and heart-wrenching Pop ballad that is sure to make you feel. Clean and minimal, piano-driven production builds throughout the song, perfectly complimenting the haunting and captivating performance from Ava August. With plenty of space to shine, listeners can't help but be taken in by her vocals as the sparse production also allows for the lyrics to really cut deep and take hold.

Since working alongside Katy Perry and becoming the youngest contestant ever to reach the Top 10 on American Idol, Ava August has shifted focus, lining up sessions with producers and diving head first into building a body of work all her own. With her powerful/dynamic vocals leading the way. backed by her ability to craft memorable and relatable tunes that appeal to the masses, Ava August is without a doubt ready to make a name for herself.

Having only launched her solo project in 2020, Ava August has continued to impress post-Idol, building a devoted fanbase who just can't seem to get enough. While she only has a handful of singles out so far, I can't help but imagine she has a LOT MORE COMING.

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