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AVEY Kicks Off her Solo Project with Gritty Pop Jam "end game"

I always love when a brand new artist lands in my inbox with a banging debut. Deciding to take the leap as an artist and drop your first single never comes without insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty, but most of the time it is so worth it. Art is a beautiful thing and being able to create art is a gift that not everyone is blessed with, so I can't help but get excited about new artists, especially when their first release is an absolute jam.

While I am 99% sure you have no idea who AVEY is, I am hoping this post will get her on your radar, because her debut single, "end game," is an absolute jam. With gritty, guitar driven production, copious amounts of distortion and AVEY's hypnotizing voice and catchy af melodies all coming together, "end game," is a driving, danceable, high-energy bop that keeps you holding on from beginning to end.

About the single, AVEY says, "“end game” is about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with while tumbling through your emotions and insecurities."

While I don't know much about AVEY beyond the fact that her first single slaps, I can only hope we hear a lot more from her and get to know her some more in 2023. I am a fan for sure and I will be keeping a close eye on her, patiently waiting for more.

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