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Award-Winning Songwriter, Producer and Recording Artist Bleu Releases “A Crazy Life”

Off the heels of his “SiX TAPE” record release, award-winning artist Bleu is back with a song that embraces the chaos of “A Crazy Life!” Teaming up with co-writer and multi-instrumentalist Mr. McGinty (Kanye, Lizzo, Pharrell), the new track focuses on loyalty, love, and what it means to “grow up.” It’s about finding beauty in both the good and bad times; a culmination of memories that make us who we are now. Brilliantly paired with a playful visual directed by Beth Jean, Bleu’s new track sucks you in from the first needle drop. The stop-motion video features Bleu as both narrator and observer as he takes us on a hallucinatory journey with a mini clay-animated Bleu interacting with a giant nude statue of himself. The Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Sledgehammer aesthetic displays a lighthearted attitude toward the disarray that life can throw at us. Between the flying brain, poo-cupcakes and dinosaur extinction – Bleu’s new video is a circus in and of itself…and it’s safe to say that we’re in for the ride.

“Shout at the stars, and dance in the fire. Remember what ya told me, it’s A Crazy Life!”

The collaboration with Mr McGinty is not the first time the two artists have melded their considerable talents. Jesse McGinty is one of LA’s most sought-after session players and he makes multiple appearances as a co-writer and instrumentalist on some of Bleu’s biggest upbeat tracks including “Baby By Your Side” and one of his most popular songs “Love You So”. Jesse and Bleu are also the co-producers of a song coming out with viral Canadian artist Gabriela Bee on 10/15 entitled “LIKE2LIKE”. 

Bleu’s new album “SiX TAPE ” is a cross-genre compilation of bangers that plays like a well worn cassette mix-tape. It’s a purposeful mish-mosh of styles that, much like “A Crazy Life!,” is likely to bring a pie-eating grin to your face. Reaffirming his knack for catchy pop hits, Bleu’s album received high praise from Power Pop News, Pop On and On and trendy dance blog PopWrapped. Having written for household names like Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and K-Pop idols, Bleu’s versatility shines as his songwriting and production skills keep listeners on their toes. Once signed to Columbia Records, Bleu has released 5 studio albums, various cult side projects and now works directly with some of the biggest labels, film/TV studios and show runners in the industry. His music has been featured by networks and brands all over the world including eBay, Swarovski, Bose and hit shows like Shameless, The Good Place and Insecure. What’s even more impressive is that Bleu wrote and/or produced all of the songs for Disney’s “Legend of the Neverbeast” including a duet with Grammy-nominated KT Tunstall. Most recently, Bleu signed on to score his very first HBO docu-series and we can look forward to collaborations with Island Records’ OWENN, Kate Pierson of the B-52’s and indie phenoms Lola Blanc, Gothic Tropic and Mike Taylor. If that weren’t enough, he’s nearly done authoring a master’s degree course in songwriting for Berklee College of Music.

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