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A timely new single has been delivered to us from, PA born song–writer Baby Fuzz (a.k.a. Brandon Lowry). ‘Acid Night’ written last Summer while at a baseball game, was penned while Baby Fuzz, was tripping on the titular drug. Coming on the heels of his last single ‘Before Our Time’, this latest track has a COMPLETELY different feel. The latest from Fuzz, has a slow, smooth, almost eerie air about it, which almost completely opposes the anthem sound of his former single, showing the song-writers versatility and prowess. “I wrote it while on an acid trip at a baseball game last summer. I guess it’s like a dark vision of America that I had at the time. It just felt like something awful was about to happen and people were unaware of it“.– says Baby Fuzz, about the track. Now, in 2020, the sense of impending doom and feeling of extreme weirdness that the song encompasses, couldn’t feel more relevant, if he purposely chose the topic.

The tune itself is reminiscent of an older Bruce Springsteen jam, with a slow melody of synthy piano tones, bolstered by a somber horn section. A light and airy electronic vocal sound accompanies the quirky lyrics to ultimately create a sort of surreal feeling around the song itself. The track does a wonderful job of simulating a dream-like or even psychotropic state. Loop ‘Acid Night’, on repeat, if you’re feeling some sort of way about the state of the world and just … drift away!

listen to more from Baby Fuzz, here:

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