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Baby FuzZ Shows Us the Light in ‘Shadowland’

Originally based in New York, Sterling Fox, moved to Montreal after the 2016 election in hopes of separating himself from the tumultuous political landscape.  While there he began to release music as Baby FuzZ, and quickly found major support from outlets like Hilly Dilly.  His single, “Cig”, was praised by tastemakers and landed at #2 on HypeMachine.

After his visa ran out he was forced to head back to the states, at which point he composed his new single, “Shadowland”.  About the release he says, “’Shadowland’ is a protest song about myself. I’m protesting my hypocrisy, my lack of empathy, my greed, my loneliness, and my complicitness to everything my taxes go toward. It’s easy to protest other people or institutions. Look in the mirror and protest yourself. That’s ‘Shadowland.’

The piano ballad/war cry is an evocative and emotive tune that sees Baby FuzZ delivering a dynamic performance that cuts deep.  Opening the track with sensitive vocals and soft piano, the track builds into an all out call to action emphasized by huge crowds cheering and and Baby FuzZ’s angst screamed out of the world to hear.  As beautiful as it is powerful, “Shadowland”, is a stunning track that gets listeners ready to fight the power while simultaneously getting them to reflect upon their own woes.

While this is far from my usual vibe, one listen was all I needed to pick up exactly what Baby FuzZ was putting down.  This is a great tune by every known standard and I’m excited to hear what’s next from Baby FuzZ.

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