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Baby Said Unveils New 4-Track "Who Gives a Rock" EP

Updated: Jun 15

The Portsmouth-based teenage duo Baby Said, consisting of the exceptionally talented Italian/Punjabi sisters Veronica (19) and Jess (17) Pal, has been making waves in the Rock scene with their debut EP, "Who Gives a Rock." Following their successful debut singles, "MOUTH SHUT," produced by Lewis Gardiner, “FIGHT,” and “YOU KILLED IT,” produced by Gethin Pearson, the duo has continued to impress with their unique sound and authentic storytelling. "Who Gives a Rock" is a testament to Baby Said's versatility and raw talent. The EP features four tracks, each offering a distinct narrative and showcasing their ability to blend powerful lyrics with compelling melodies. Their journey, which began with busking and evolved into over 200 gigs across the UK, has clearly honed their performance skills and musical creativity.

The bands first offering, "FIGHT," is a track inspired by their experiences as a cover band facing skepticism from audiences. Veronica and Jess's defiant lyrics, “we’re just gonna roll our eyes” and “we don’t run from a fight,” resonate with anyone who has ever had to prove themselves against the odds. The song’s energetic tempo and fierce guitar riffs make it an empowering anthem. “You Killed It,” co-written with producer Gethin Pearson, highlights Baby Said's ability to create songs from scratch under pressure. Reflecting on the creative process, they shared, “As soon as we got there, we were thrown straight into the deep end; Gethin handed us a piece of paper each and told us to write anything we wanted down while he left the room. When it came to sharing ideas, we were both quite nervous as this was the first time we had tried this method, but very soon the lyrics of our new single ‘You killed it’ started to fall into place.” The result is a song that feels spontaneous and vibrant, capturing the raw energy of their collaboration. “MOUTH SHUT” follows, presenting a sharp contrast with its catchy hook and relatable theme. Describing the track, Jess explained, “Long story short, Mouth Shut is about when you find someone attractive but then they open their mouth and it turns out that they’re not as exciting as they seem, instead they have a really bland personality- you prefer them when they don’t talk.” The playful yet pointed lyrics are delivered with a refreshing honesty, making it a standout track.

The EP culminates with “Panic Attack,” produced by Lewis Gardiner. This track stands out not only for its sonic depth but also for its poignant exploration of anxiety. Jess eloquently describes the song’s progression: “Panic attack talks about some of the sensations you may feel whilst having a panic attack and describes how a day in the life of someone with anxiety may seem and how it can impact our lives. The low energy at the start shows the exhaustion that comes with anxiety until you feel the pot start to boil and then eventually overflow.” The gradual build-up of intensity mirrors the emotional experience of an anxiety attack, making it a deeply moving and relatable piece.

"Who Gives a Rock" is a remarkable debut EP that highlights Baby Said's potential to become a significant force in the rock music scene. Their ability to craft songs that are both personal and universally relatable is impressive, and their commitment to authenticity shines through in every track. With a slew of upcoming UK festival dates and a debut album on the horizon, Baby Said is poised to make an even bigger impact. Their anthems of self-belief and determination will undoubtedly continue to inspire and resonate with a growing audience. If "Who Gives a Rock" is any indication, Veronica and Jess Pal are just getting started, and the future looks incredibly bright for this talented duo.

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