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Bahari Got Me All ‘Fucked Up’

SoCal Alt-Pop trio Bahari Just released a new tune, “Fucked Up”, and it sees the group taking a detour from their usual sound and delivering something a bit more emotional and mature.

The group, comprised of vocalist/bassist Natalia Panzarella, vocalist/keyboardist Ruby Carr, and vocalist/guitarist Sidney Sartini deliver silky vocals laden with beautiful harmonies on top of beautifully melodic productions.  On, “Fucked Up”, hard hitting programmed drums blend with smooth guitar, angelic vocals and some atmospheric pads to create an ethereal R&B leaning Pop tune.

The down tempo release is a reflective tune that not only details the girls’ lives, but also offers listeners a sense of what it’s like to be an independent woman in 2018.  Lyrically the song covers a feeling that we are probably all too familiar with – falling head over heels in love with no warning.  A fast rise into a hard fall.

Through buttery vocals the girls sing, “I know you didn’t ask for it, I know you didn’t need my love.  You thought you were immune to it, but now I got you all fucked up.”  The smooth and low key delivery make it hit deep.  This one will make you feel – and that’s what hat music is all about.

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