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Bandyn Burnette Drops Dope Visuals

Brandyn Burnette has been making waves as of late with a string of great independent releases.

The singer/songwriter from LA attacks each track with a refreshing approach, blending his crisp vocals with with Acoustic and Electronic elements.  At the age of 24, Brandyn already has a long list of accomplishments under his belt including a Juno Award nomination, a Top 40 hit and a #1 in Spain.  Combine that with his fast growing and engaged fan base and his overall musical prowess, and it is clear to me that Brandyn Burnette is an artist to watch.

After featuring one of his latest singles, “I Wanna be Free,” not too long ago, Brandyn reached out to let us know about the new visuals for it… and we’re happy he did.

Check out the video below   and get acquainted with Brandyn Burnette.


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