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BANTA. Teams Up with Cropley in Introspective “Divide”

The wavvy new track by BANTA. x Cropley pairs seamlessly with visions of long road trips up and down the west coast. The catchy pop tune tells a story about a love that requires distance to grow. Filled with punchy synths and ghostly vocal drops, “Divide” paints a relatable image of relationship turmoil and how it can improve with some time apart. Cropley’s lush harmonies fit perfectly with the tracks energetic drive; a feeling of solace from spending time separate from the ones we love, starts to grow. Featuring producers Oliver McNamara and Caleb Lindner, BANTA. has been playing sold out crowds since 2019. The two creatives; through storytelling, production and visual art, take their listeners on a journey of emotional heartbreak, and we’re here for it.

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