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Bay Area Rapper Chow Mane Delivers A “Tasty” Follow-Up To His “Cooking With Chow” Series In Official

Coming off of his recent A/B release “Silk Road” / “Xanadu”, Bay Area rapper Chow Mane’s newest video “Tasty” is out now! Directed to be an ‘Alice In Wonderland’-like fantasy sequence, the video offers a playful, buoyant vibe with multi-colored visuals that mimic that of your favorite video game nostalgia. “Tasty” releases following two of Chow Mane’s “Cooking With Chow” videos, echoing his signature ad lib that fans know and love. “The “tasty!” phrase started as an accident – I used to do these cooking videos in my stories and end them with a bite and a “tasty!”. That got such a positive response and engagement that I just continued doing it until it really became a part of the brand” he says. His 2019 project “SIMMERING” was purposefully structured like a multi-course meal in-sound and now “Tasty” truly solidifies this part of his identity as a hip hop artist who also happens to be passionate about food and cooking

The track presents as lighthearted and danceable throughout but, staying in line with his multifaceted style, he delivers personal glimpses into the struggles of his upbringing and what his parents had to do to raise him as first generation Asian American. 

“Mama had to struggle just to raise me. Five spice put it on my braised beef. I’ve been hella wavvy since a baby. I got that sauce on me…tasty!”

The video, directed by Dale Keano, is incredibly colorful as friends dance in and out of playfully sexual sequences where Chow Mane plays up the dream-like confusion by what surrounds him. It all starts with an episode of “Cooking With Chow” until he gets rudely hit in the head with a loaf of bread that knocks him unconscious and into this endlessly entertaining dream sequence. He falls while weaving through fried chicken wings and lands back into his kitchen with a new look and confident attitude. Surrounded by digital strawberries, Chow Mane makes his way through the house as the clock counts down the time until his dream comes to an end. Maybe it’s the pretty girls or perhaps, the influx of food porn; either way, you can’t stop watching. The video *spoiler alert* ends with him awake in the kitchen, his consciousness serving as bookends to the dream.

Chow Mane plans to deliver a steady stream of singles to his fans, leading up to his next project “South Bay Summer”. The lightheartedness of his new works offer true summertime vibes, taking a slightly different tone from his latest project “Simmering”. As an 88Rising competition finalist with over 1M streams on Spotify, Chow Mane is easily one of the most decorated artists to come out of the Bay.

“We don’t play, we don’t joke. Came to this country on a f**ckin boat!”

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