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Bay Area Talent Shines in Chow Mane’s EP “South Bay Summer”

As Northern California continues to battle record breaking wildfires this year, there’s no debate that the San Francisco Bay Area could use some good news. Luckily, the city’s creative spirit continues to shine with artists like Chow Mane who have chosen to highlight bay area talent with the release of his highly anticipated EP “South Bay Summer”. The upbeat project celebrates south bay culture through impressive collaborations with local hip hop and pop artists. Chow Mane has progressively released single after single leading up to the EP with songs like “IceJJFish” featuring well known rapper Guapdad4000, “Silk Road” featuring AllBlack, “Xanadu” featuring Oksami & “Late Nites” featuring Kitt Mae. 

“This summer has been so serious and dark so I wanted to bring some lightheartedness to it with this new EP” – Chow Mane

Also out now is a music video for one of the projects more upbeat party tracks “San Jose”. The visual features the good vibes we all miss during covid, masks on of course. In “San Jose” you can almost feel the California sun beating down as the carefree nature of the track sways front to back in a fun loving mood to celebrate our final days of summer. The “South Bay Summer” project artwork features little pieces of the Bay like “In and Out Burger”, signs for Highway 680 and of course gyros and a marijuana leaf because, why not? While Chow Mane’s music has been known to highlight the struggles of the Asian American experience, he’s taken a more lighthearted approach with his new tracks in order to give fans a playful escape from our stark reality in 2020. And highlighting bay area artists is only a part of that “I wanted to show love to everyone who had shown love to me” – Chow Mane.

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