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Beau Diako Goes Solo with emawk Assisted ‘Buttermilk’

While Beau Diako may be a name you are not yet familiar with, the British producer/writer and guitarist has had an impressive career thus far lending his skills to tracks by TennysonLidoJordan RakeiGalimatias and more – and also as 1/2 of Zoology or Pigarette.

Thanks to his distinctive guitar licks and undeniable vibes, Beau Diako has been turning heads for some time now.  Now ready to take his artistry into his own hands, he has teamed up with Kenyan raised, New York based R&B artist emawk for his debut single, “Buttermilk”.  The ever-chill, hypnotic, ethereal tune features impressive layers of guitar and percussion as well as an unorthodox arrangement that only adds to the tunes overall appeal.  When it comes to how emawk approaches the tune, he offers, “I feel like I wrote about leaving, in more ways than one. I heard the track not long after I moved to New York, so I guess it brought the feeling out of me.

Pulling influences from a diverse range of artists such as Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, James Blake and Joanna Newsom, while exploring a range of genres from indie, to jazz, folk, electronic and soul musicBeau Diako is here to carve a lane all his own in todays scene.  While the vibe on his new single may not be for everyone, I can personally say that it grows on me with every listen as the intricacies become evident and the harmonics settle in.  Do yourself a favor and give this one a go. 

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