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Beauty School Tap Into Early 2000's Emo/Punk Vibe With New Single, "Pawn Shop Jewels"

UK based, 5-piece Beauty School, are a band that effortlessly infuse an early Emo vibe to their very current Alt/Pop sound. Drawing from an eclectic pool of influence, Beauty School has managed to create a sound that is as familiar as it is refreshing. "Pawn Shop Jewels" is the culmination of pulling from a multitude of influences across multiple rock genres, such as, Emo/Punk, Indie, and Alternative, that fit into each one but never feel forced into any.

The latest single Beauty School has delivered, is "Pawn Shop Jewels," a song about learning to accept that, sometimes, your significant other isn't always who you thought they were. A high-energy tune, packed with skillful lyrical prowess, face-slapping guitar riffs, ear worm melodies and a percussion pure as the driven snow, "Pawn Shop Jewels" effortlessly slips in amongst earlier Emo/Punk artists such as Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, and Motion City Soundtrack, all of whom Beauty School will suitably be opening for, on the Rock Scene stage at the Slam Dunk Festival, this year.

In addition to the high energy single, Beauty School has also dropped an equally energetic official music video, for "Pawn Shop Jewels." Set amongst the roof-tops of the city, at dusk, the video reminisces of the central London rooftop sessions of Get Back, from The Beatles, in 1969. Alternate scenes, add a colorful fun experience to the video, while silhouetting each member of the band, individually, while lead vocalist Joe Cabrera finds his way to the rooftop.

A band, like Beauty School, gives hope that the Emo/Punk genre is not dead. If the early 2000's were your time, this band is for you! Having sold out their debut Leeds headline show in August, the band is set to release 'Happiness' via Slam Dunk Records, in Sept. 2022.

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