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Beca is ‘In Deep Love’ [VIDEO]

Born in New York, currently residing in LA, life long musician Beca is best known for her moody and ethereal take on Pop music.  At a young age, while attending the Juilliard School, Beca found herself attracted to avant-grade Electronic music and amplified strings.  Since graduating she has turned that love into a career, pulling inspiration from 80’s & 90’s Pop and blending it all into her signature sound.

Prior to the release of her new 6-song EP, “Deep Love”, Beca had released two EP’s and a full length album – finding praise from tastemakers like, Flaunt, Galore Magazine and Stereogum.  While fine tuning her live performance with shows at SXSW, CMJ, MMW, Sundance Film Festival, NXNE and POP Montreal, Beca continued her work in the studio leading up to the new project.

The lead single from the project, “In Deep Love”, is a dreamy and enchanting Pop tune that relies on driving basslines, bright synths and airy atmospheric melodies to set the mood for Beca to do her thing.  While the track features relatively simplistic lyrics, she pulls you in with a haunting performance that is more focused on the melodies and harmonies than the story.

With a nostalgic feel updated for the times, the tune comes along with a beautifully shot, retro inspired visual treatment that features blocks of color, modern dance moves and top notch styling.  This is a smooth and sensual tune that for sure brings a unique yet familiar vibe.

Do yourself a favor and check out the project in full below.

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