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Becoming Young’s Brandon Calano finds romantic redemption in the sweetly confessional pop single, “R

A lot of things can happen in the backseat of a car at 3:00 am on a clear, crisp Colorado night. Turns out, if you’re reckless enough, you may find love. On Becoming Young’s latest single, the pop artist frames an epiphanic moment of maturity and how a broken-hearted guy learned to love again. It’s a new single for a new year, representing a new man.

“Reverie” is one episode in a program of singles that will span a “Is this love? This is love. Oh sh*t, it’s love!” type narrative. In an intriguing first, Becoming Young will detail each moment of the winding saga with cover liner notes that share the stories behind the fumbles and steps toward, away, and back to love. The entire series of singles will dish the glorious details, and you can obsessively listen and experience these entrancing songs just like you’d binge watch a favorite Netflix series.

The narrative is a messy millennial romance; maybe a rom-com with less “com,” but still flowing with the warmth and feel-good vibes that make you believe in love again. Story goes, Becoming Young’s Brandon Calano was in that post-breakup sweet spot of reeling from a complicated breakup, but also feeling his singleness. One night, he threw a party for a close confidant, and she brought an enigmatic friend of hers. This girl was emotionally unavailable, and Brandon wasn’t sure where he was at romantically. Yet, in the backseat of that car something magical happened. “Reverie” snapshots those transformative moments poetically with lines such as: When she looks at me, the world just slips away. And I know we could be something, if I wasn’t hiding and she wasn’t running away.

“Reverie” was written in those adrenalized moments when you’re teetering between experiencing infatuation and love. The exuberance shows in Brandon’s richly expressive lyric flow. To serve this, producer Ryan Hadlock (Vance Joy, the Lumineers) created a masterfully spare but dynamic soundscape around the poppy singer-songwriter song core. Here, Brandon’s vocals are pristine, emotive, filled with hope and longing. And they’re enriched by lush, almost full-band instrumentation, breezy harmony vocals and ambience textures.

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