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Bella Blaq Embraces That Tik-Tok Life With Playful New Single “Booty” (VIDEO)

Dynamic hip-hop artist Bella Blaq is back with a playful new music video “Booty”. Shot as though you’re watching the events unfold through a TikTok lens, Bella chose to incorporate the viewpoint through which most people consume media – through their phones. The fast-paced edits pair seamlessly with her hard-hitting lyrical delivery as Bella tells fans about the trap lifestyle. From one of the most recognized cities for rap, this Atlanta-based hip-hop artist stays true to herself as she partners up with other content creators to tell her story and most importantly, to have fun with it.

A collaboration with multi-platinum producer Epikh Pro, her new music video bounces from sensual scenes, goofy dances and real-life moments of Bella with her friends, counting her money and most of all – empowering herself. The contrast of the phone footage paired with background shots of Bella paints the true versatility of her identity.

In recent months, Bella’s TikTok views have gone through the roof. Not only are her gorgeous looks catching the eyes of fans all over the world, but her lighthearted charisma keeps them coming back for more. Perhaps one of the most admired things about Bella is her ability to be serious, yet to not take herself too seriously at the same time – and “Booty” is a prime example of that.

Bella Blaq (aka Shekira Snipes) was born in Blakely, Georgia along with her two younger sisters. Her love of music, particularly hip-hop, started becoming apparent at the age of 14, when Bella, along with some of her peers, would perform freestyle concerts in the school yard and in the family home. Bella’s music features a modern twist on old school hip-hop sentiment – channeling a roster of legends including Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and Lauryn Hill. In between honing her sound in the studio, Bella has also opened for the likes of 2 Chainz, Future, and Young Dro. With a body of work due out on the horizon, including collaborations with multi-platinum producer Epikh Pro, Bella Blaq is set on taking the music game to a whole different level.

Watch the video below:

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