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Beloved hip hop artist danny G is back again with cypher-style collab “run it”

Since the top of this year, flow-pop artist danny G has become a beloved addition to Nashville’s growing hip-hop scene. Following the success of his collaboration with Travie McCoy as well as his previous EP “Quarantine Tapes”, danny hits the gas with his new track “run it” featuring Nashville rapper Daisha McBride and long standing hip-hop vet, Hendersin. The trio delivers a cypher-style track over 90’s drums and melodic keys, offering that classic hip-hop feel behind sharp lyrical delivery. The three rappers share a common aspiration to be the best that they can be and to share that with the world, no matter how long it takes them. “”run it” really just addresses the hunger and motivation that all of us have to succeed. I’ve got big time aspirations and I’ve never been shy in proclaiming that. This record is me just reiterating to the world that I’m going pedal to the metal until I’m where I want to be and nothing could ever shake me from that mindset.” – danny G

Defying genre limits, danny has garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify; adding Daisha McBride and Hendersin to the track introduces an undoubtable powerhouse to fans and listeners. Their 25M+ combined Spotify streams proves their hustle and drive, making “run it” such a suitable track to reflect the efforts that they put into their own music careers. Their organic synergy sucks you in and lyrically makes it clear that “nobody’s gonna run it like they do”. Danny’s versatility and talent contribute to his genreless sound; however, his love and dedication to hip-hop are truly reflected in his new this track. “”run it” is an important track for me because there’s no dancing around the fact that it’s a down the middle hip-hop record with three rap verses. I’m not just a singer who throws some rap into his songs, I’m someone who studies and appreciates the genre and so getting some amazing and well-respected artists on this joint with me means a lot. I’m obsessed with 90s style drums too and we swung them like crazy in the third verse so be on the lookout for that.” says danny.

A recent college graduate, danny garnered the attention of big acts in 2019, putting out records with Xuitcasecity, Cam Meekins, and even hitting the studio with Gym Class Heroes frontman, Travie McCoy. Having been compared to acts like G-Eazy, Mac Miller, and most recently Chance the Rapper, danny takes a trending sound and makes it his own through youthful narratives to remind his fans that you’re only as old as you think you are. His optimistic sounds have captured the attention of local outlets like No Country For New Nashville and cable TV network WSMV’s Today In Nashville. Never falling short of good vibes, danny G is an artist on the rise in 2020.

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